boo•kay nyc was birthed in the heat of the global pandemic as a call to action to spread love, beauty and unity. With Broadway and performing arts houses closed, Robbie Fairchild, former NYC Ballet principal dancer and Tony nominated actor for An American in Paris, turned to flower arranging to ensure that the show would still go on. His mission to connect people through Mother Nature has been the driving force behind every floral arrangement. Whether it be a custom boo•kay delivered in NYC or a boo•kit shipped worldwide, the beauty of each flower arrangement tells its own story and contributes to the message of togetherness. The world may have shut down their borders, but these flowers travel far and wide to come together. At boo•kay nyc, we hope to be stewards for Mother Nature to remind us all that there is so much beauty out there to be treasured, preserved and shared. 

Robbie Fairchild
Founder & Florist

Robbie grew up in Salt Lake City with a wildlife biologist for a father who instilled in him a love for nature early on. When not in the dance studio, childhood afternoons were spent picking flowers from the neighbor's yards to create small arrangements only to be received by equal parts touched and angry neighbors. Robbie’s dedication to dance sent him to the School of American Ballet in New York City at the age of 15. From there he became a member of the New York City Ballet and established himself as a principal dancer by age 22. When soon-to-be Tony Award winner Christopher Wheeldon asked him to audition for An American in Paris on Broadway he leapt at the chance. Once the role was his they traveled to Paris, Broadway (where he was nominated for a Tony Award) and London’s West End with the show. It was in London where Robbie enrolled in classes at the Covent Garden Academy of Flowers. It was the most rewarding and relaxing activity that quickly lit a passion in him for flowers. After leaving NYC Ballet in 2017 he took on plays Off Broadway, Netflix TV shows, and most recently starred in the feature film Cats. He was notified by a mother online that his performance as Munkustrap inspired her little girl to dance. She asked if she could send him flowers to say thank you as she works for the Holland flower distributor Hilverda de Boer. This was the best present he could have received during the pandemic. With theaters closed down and no place to perform, flowers became his passion and here in lies the inception of boo•kay nyc. As the budding business took off he made it his mission to use the company to employ out-of-work Broadway performers who shared his passion for flowers. This doesn’t mean Robbie is done with the stage, far from it...but his role as florist has taken a more prominent role as he pursues his mission to connect people through Mother Nature.

Adam Perry

Adam Perry is thrilled to be joining the boo•kay team. Adam grew up in the mountains of East Tennessee.  If he wasn’t dancing to his parents' old records, he was out picking every wildflower and greenery branch he could find. Dance has always been his passion, but making flowers ‘dance’ has also been a passion as well. Once Adam made his way to New York City, he appeared in the national tours of Cats, Sweet Charity, and Wicked. He has performed in 7 Broadway shows including A Chorus Line, Anything Goes and most recently, Frozen. He has performed lead-strip in Broadway Bares 4 times, and the Tony Awards 8 times. Adam has also appeared in numerous TV commercials, TV shows and movies. Favorite credits include Law and Order: SVU, My Week With Marilyn and also twirling with Anne Hathaway on Modern Love. While in between performing gigs, Adam has worked with several prestigious florists in New York City including Stephen Campanella and Charles Toudet. He even had the pleasure of helping decorate the interior of the Empire State Building for Christmas with florist Jonathan Cerullo. This past February he began the esteemed floral design program at the New York Botanical Garden school. Adam’s floral passion resides in accentuating the natural movement and dance of flowers. As well as the beautiful imperfections and asymmetry of Mother Nature.

Sara Esty 
Administrative Assistant

Sara is thrilled for be joining the boo•kay nyc team! She and Robbie have been friends since the fateful summer of 2002 at the SAB summer program. Growing up in southern Maine, she left home after graduating high school to follow her dreams of becoming a professional ballet dancer. She danced for ten years with the Miami City Ballet, during which she attained the position of soloist and became the recipient of a Princess Grace Fellowship Award for excellence in dance. Sara moved to NYC in 2015 to be apart of the original Paris and Broadway companies of An American in Paris (ensemble, Lise Dassin alternate). She then led the First National Tour of An American in Paris as Lise Dassin. Some other theater credits include A Chorus Line (Maggie - NYCC Encores!, Cassie - Cape Playhouse), Brigadoon (Jean MacLaren, NYCC Encores!), and Marie Dancing Still (Fifth Ave Theater). Sara’s TV/Film credits include Fosse/Verdon, The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, and the upcoming remake of West Side Story directed by Stephen Spielberg. More importantly than all that is Sara takes pleasure in the simple things in life - and there is NOTHING more beautiful than a flower in bloom.